Their marriage lasted for 18 years, but after the divorce, Naso continued visiting his ex-wife, who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. 10 on the list was Girl from MRV Cemetery, Jacobs said. Joseph Naso, 77, apparently alluded to all four victims on a handwritten list that referred to 10 women and 10 locations, a Marin County sheriff's investigator wrote in a document outlining. Serial killing suspect Joseph Naso kept a numbered list of 10 women, including four prostitutes he is charged with killing, plus photos and news clippings, court documents reveal. Naso mentioned Healdsburg in a hand-written list detectives found at his Reno, Nev., home among photographs Naso took of women who appeared dead or unconscious, according to court testimony.. That they were from the same The couple had a . during his arraignment on murder charges The safety deposit box also held a piece of paper on which Naso wrote: "May 4 1992 Monday pm" the time of the Dylan concert Shapiro never made it to. Its loose talk I use, he said. Ohios Most Enduring Murder Mystery [Part One], The JFK Assassination Case Still Closed, Strangled: A Courageous Fight Against The Darkest Corners of Humanity, The Girl I Never Knew: Melissa Ann Witt Deserves Justice, Befriending A Serial Killer: An Interview With Mark Austin, The Husband Poisoner: Lethal Ladies and Dangerously Tasty Recipes, Details are Unprintable: Wayne Lonergan and the Sensational Caf Society Murder, Operation Jacknap: A True Story of Kidnapping, Extortion, Ransom and Rescue. Joseph Naso, el "asesino del alfabeto": el depredador sexual obsesionado con el nombre de sus vctimas Fotos, lencera y una misteriosa lista llevaron al cruel criminal al corredor de la muerte . There are a further six references on the List of 10 not fully accounted for. "That was all she did.". He'd be looking for weapons, drugs, alcohol anything forbidden by probation conditions. But prosecutors presented a trove of evidence collected from Naso's Reno, Nev. home, including photographs of partially nude women appearing dead or knocked out, and a journal describing rapes of . A serial rapist before he progressed to murder, Joseph Naso had been stalking and attacking women for up to five decades before he was finally stopped. What Should We Do With Teenage Psychopaths? (Photo: Alan Dep, AP). The 79-year-old former commercial photographer, who was living in Reno when he was arrested in 2011, said the prosecution's evidence about two other murders that he is suspected of committing and. Joseph Naso in court during closing arguments. In 2010, a probation officer conducts a routine check on 76-year-old Joseph Naso, in Reno, Nevada. Yeah. Joseph Naso Trial: Opening Remarks Scheduled For Accused Murderer. El cuarto asesinato se produjo en mayo de 1992 cuando Renee Shapiro, ms conocida como Sarah Dylan por ser groupie de Bob . Swinney has revealed the real individual behind these crimes. He was resident in the city, but later shifted upstate. In addition to the murder charges, Naso faces a special-circumstance allegation of committing multiple murders that would make him eligible for the death penalty if he is convicted. were Also during his opening statements, Naso said he has a loose terminology in his writing and day-to-day language and when he referred to raping someone it didnt have a literal meaning. plans and enthusiasm The bespectacled Naso, who sat alone at the defense table in his red-and-white-striped jail clothes, struggled throughout his cross examination, often launching into long statements instead of asking questions. He was also found to be in possession of newspaper articles about the killings of two of the other women. His crimes spanned between 1977 to 1994 and the California man is now sentenced to death. Im not the monster who killed these women. During his remarks, Naso, who is acting as his own attorney . While there is some repetition within this writing, List of 10 is a very readable book that is difficult to put down once started. Investigators found it at his home among lurid photos of women who appeared to be dead or unconscious. Naso has said all of the prosecution's evidence at that hearing was circumstantial. This includes data values and the controlled vocabularies that house them. Parsons' strangled body was found in Yuba City in 1993, where Naso was living at the time with his mentally ill son. Joseph Naso did get caught for some first offenses including sexual assault, but he suffered no repercussions from them allowing him to continue his behavior unchecked. Other women on the list included mentions of Healdsburg, a town in Northern California; Berkeley; and what appeared to be an address in San Francisco. After reading this story, youll wish he could somehow be sent there immediately. C.L. Naso's habit of diligently recording every attack has given detectives a bewilderingly large source of leads as they attempt to piece together the picture of his suspected crimes. period he was back visiting relatives, seemed to be a coincidence. Naso was born on January 7, 1934 in Rochester, New York (United States). Detective Richard Brown, who heads the Nevada investigation, said that the photo appears to be of a woman who is already dead. Joseph Naso is the man behind the death of six women who were murdered in cold blood. Another investigation added to the growing list of Naso's possible crimes. Sheriff Mike Haley established the Nevada task force investigating Naso. The photographer's credential of Joseph Naso, the alphabet killer. the names of the victims, Naso, of Reno, is charged with murderingRoxene Roggasch, 18, of Oakland, whose body was found in Marin County on Jan. 11, 1977, and Carmen Colon, 22, an East Bay resident who was found dead in Contra Costa County on Aug. 15, 1978. I didnt care for porno, but sexy pictures I thought were OK.. His case, the women he so callously strangled the life from and their stories leave a lasting and powerful mark. . To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required items to The other victims were also prostitutes found naked and strangled. No. A spot in hell has been saved for Joseph Naso. 13, 2011. Authorities have said DNA evidence collected from her fingernails could tie Naso to her slaying. At the front door the policeman confronted a metal security gate and a black and red sign: Keep Out. While no one can know what any of these young girls thought and felt in the minutes before their murders, Swinney has humanized them by providing this narrative and enabled readers to relate to them as individuals rather than simply names. I dont kill people Nasos opening statement at his trial. Naso later said the photos were taken at a time when "men were men, and women were women". Instead what he did was convince the jury on the first day that he hated women, had an incredibly flippant attitude towards rape and had a quick temper. She was real pretty. "Joe started strangling me in the middle of the night," she said. Page after page of what the police came to call the "rape diary" was filled with similar records of Naso's assaults on women. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). They are paid experts., He also said preliminary hearing testimony and prosecutor statements were opinions, speculations, theories but not evidence., An Alleged 'Serial Murderer and Serial Rapist'. Chillingly, one of the 10-year-old victims in the Rochester area carried the same name as a woman allegedly murdered by Naso in California years later: Carmen Colon. He was also implicated in the murders of other women. Among the piles of notebooks seized at Naso's house were three that went into graphic detail about his intent to torture and murder a woman who lived in the flat above him on Leavenworth, Margaret Prisco. Joseph Naso (born January 7, 1934) is an American serial killer, sentenced to death for the murder of six women. Curiously all four womens names began with the same initials leading many to suspect Naso of the three similar Alphabet Murders in Rochester, New York between 1971 and 1973 however, no evidence linking Joseph Naso to these murders has been found. 1958." The murders around Rochester, New York, were dubbed the Alphabet Killings because, again, each of the victims' first and last names shared the same initial. Appeal-Democrat file photo A popular True Crime duo that investigates. Do you agree that in magazines you see similar images as in movies of people posing to appear deceased? Naso asked Jacobs. On August 20, 2013, Naso was convicted by a Marin County jury of the murders. 4 was "Girl from Mount Tam," a popular hiking and cycling mountain in Marin County. Naso also once lived in the Rochester area and traveled there as a freelance photographer in the early 1970s, authorities said. A group of officers had descended to search every corner of Naso's house. 79-year-old convicted of killing Roxene Roggasch, Carmen Colon, Pamela Parsons and Tracy Tafoya in the . "Once Charlie gets into my house, tell him to go straight to my bedroom. Naso, however, was ruled out of that case when DNA found on Californian victims was not matched to the DNA found on a Rochester victim's body.[6]. Probation officer Roger Jacobs was the first witness called at the preliminary hearing in the murder trial of Joseph Naso, 78. A second bedroom turned up scores of pictures of women naked or dressed only in stockings and high heels. [2], Naso took classes in various San Francisco colleges in the 1970s and lived in the Mission District of San Francisco and then in Piedmont, California, in the 1980s. Investigators said they found writings, photos and news clippings of Tafoya and her murder in Naso's possession. The comments by Joseph Naso, 78, came during a preliminary hearing Tuesday in his murder trial. No. Betty Matheson is 81 now, living in Florida and very sick. Carmen Lorraine Colon, 22, was found on August 13, 1978, along Carquinez Scenic Highway, a road between Crockett and Port Costa, just thirty miles from the first victim's body. Near the pile of photos in Naso's home - with mannequin parts and women's lingerie strewn about - investigators said they also found a "List of 10" he had scrawled with descriptions of 10 women, including four references prosecutors believe describe the slaying . Bay City News contributed to this report, 'Like' Piedmont Patch onFacebook/ Follow us on Twitter@PiedmontPatch. Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area | Flickr. Photo: AP In time the winds of love blew. For one thing, Faced with the mound of leads,. Joseph Naso may not be a name you are familiar with, but by the time you have finished this book, it is a name you will never forget. In a preliminary court appearance earlier this year, shackled and wearing a red and white striped prison uniform, he described the pictures of naked women scattered around his house as his "romancing" and accused prosecutors of misunderstanding his use of the word "rape". He lived in Sacramento between 1999 and 2003 and finally settled in Reno, Nevada in 2004, where he was arrested in 2011. (IJ. The former photographer was convicted of strangling four prostitutes in Northern California with matching initials: Roxene Roggasch, Carmen Colon, Pamela Parsons and Tracy Tafoya. Convicted serial killer Joseph Naso appears for sentencing in Marin Superior Court in November 2013, in San Rafael. Photograph: Alan Dep/AP. No. Naso's house held another secret. Joseph Naso, the 79-year-old man convicted last week of murdering and dumping four women in the 1970s and '90s, is also the prime suspect in the murder of a woman found in Tiburon in 1981,. It contained 66 photographs of women naked or in various states of undress, alongside various identification documents belonging to several women. During a search of Naso's home for probation violations, the officer finds a shocking cache of materials: thousands of pictures of women in hosiery, mannequins dressed in lingerie, and a journal recounting dozens of sexual assaults. Colons decomposed body was found near Port Costa 1978 by a California Highway Patrol officer in Contra Costa County. This book tells the story of the known victims of Joseph Naso. SAN FRANCISCO - A former photographer was convicted Tuesday of murdering four young California women decades ago after a two-month trial in which prosecutors called him a remorseless serial killer. The body of Sharileea Patton, 56, washed ashore near the Naval Net Depot in, In 1993, the body of Pamela Ruth Parsons, a waitress, was found in. He said the pictures showed nude women posed in "unnatural positions" who appeared dead or unconscious. Another Yuba City prostitute that prosecutors believe Naso killed was Tafoya, whose body was found on the side of Highway 70 near Marysville Cemetery in 1994. Naso has pleaded not guilty to the murders and is representing himself in what will likely be a death penalty case. "The last entry on the list made reference to a girl from Marysville, with (cemetery) written next to it," the documents state. Oxygen is back with a series of high-quality true crime shows. The DNA of Naso's wife Judy was found on another pair of pantyhose that was wrapped around Roggasch's neck, she said. While searching his home, authorities discovered a handwritten diary in which Naso listed ten unnamed women with geographical locations. But by then detectives weren't talking about Naso's probation violations any more. One picture showed a man whose face was turned away from the camera appearing to have sex with an unconscious woman. Swinney has done an excellent job in telling it. I did some pretty erotic and sexual pictures, Naso said. Mark Austin took his curiosity about notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen further than most. "Typically, when you are talking about a person who has killed more than once, this doesn't stop.". He said his role is helping Naso with questions regarding the law and trial procedure. To Jackson, some of the women looked to be unconscious, perhaps dead. He complains constantly about his treatment. Naso photographed nude and partially nude women in heels, lingerie and garters in poses that made them appear dead, incapacitated or unconscious, according to evidence presented at Naso's preliminary hearing. [8], Naso was also a person of interest in the Rochester Alphabet murders of 197173 case since four of his victims bore double initials, just as the Rochester murder victims and Naso had lived there for a long time. According to Naso's own diary, when the mother of one under-age girl he had sex with went to New York police, the officer's response was to warn him to leave town. How the courts decide, We might not be able to understand free will with science. Before he gave his opening statements, he expressed displeasure to Judge Andrew Sweet with the courtroom projector he would use to show his photography. Joseph Naso was born on January 7, 1934 in Rochester, New York. The Double Initial Murders Pt. Chelsi Williams of George Jenkins had a dominant day at the St. I raped her in the front seat of my car.'". had first and last Investigators were looking into other unidentified references on Naso's macabre list. Joseph Naso an American serial killer known as The Double Initial Killer and Crazy Joe. William told investigators that he woke in the middle of the night to hear what he thought was the sound of someone being strangled. At the front door the policeman confronted a metal security gate and a black and red sign: Keep Out. Her body was found on the side of Highway 70 near Marysville Cemetery in 1994. When Nevada authorities arrested Naso on unrelated charges in April 2010, they "found photographs. Im sorry about her demise, but I didnt do it.. SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) A probation officer who searched the Nevada home of an alleged serial killer testified Tuesday that he found photographs of nude women posed in "unnatural positions" who appeared dead or unconscious. The Jewish nose, or Jew's nose, [1] is an ethnic stereotype [2] that refers to a hooked nose with a convex nasal bridge and a downward turn of the tip of the nose. Scott Sonner / AP In this file photo from April 12, 2011, the home of Joseph Naso is seen in Reno. In 1980, a 22-year-old woman named Sheila Shepherd from Saratoga Springs in New York state was found strangled and naked in her bed. Jackson went through the routine of saying he was there to do a search under the terms of Naso's probation for theft from a grocery store in neighbouring California. Joseph Naso is best described as a narcissistic sexual predator with no conscience. documenting the rapes and sexual Joseph Naso. ( Joseph Naso makes his closing statements. Jason is a national investigative reporter. Authorities say the DNA of Nasos ex-wife was found on the hose. There will be so-called experts testifying, he told the jury. [9] On April 11, 2011, he was charged with the murders of Roggasch, Colon, Parsons and Tafoya. Naso was defending himself at a preliminary hearing earlier this year, so he was allowed to cross-examine witnesses. Four of the entries appeared to be references to killings that became known as the "Alphabet Murders" or the "Double Initial Killings" from the late-70s to the early-90s. Had to knock her out first. A California judge has sentenced a man to death in the decades-old killings of four women with matching initials. The only DNA evidence from the New York murders does not match Naso's. In the 1990s he moved on to Nevada, where he was finally captured. Straddling Peters Mountain, the 803-acre Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area is dominated by large hardwood trees. Now the question has arisen: was Shepherd's murder Naso's transition from killing girls to killing women? Across the room the officer spotted a pair of mannequin legs turned upside down and fitted with nylon stockings. SAN RAFAEL, Calif. Joseph Naso, the 79-year-old former photographer convicted of the decades-old killings of four women in Northern California, is scheduled to be sentenced Friday.
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