The topwater strike from a Mahi-mahi is exhilarating! When you tell someone that you want dolphin for dinner they often look at you with an evil grin. If you are taking a kid fishing having them paint the lure would be a fun task. Use these in a gold or red pattern. This comes custom rigged with a 200-pound test mono leader and a Mustad hook. All 3D accessories afw ahi usa artificial Australia bait baitless ballyhoo big game bird Blue Water Candy bluefish bluewater bomber boone bullet BWC C&H Lures cast casting … Pitch the bait just behind the fish on the line using ballyhoo, squid, goggle eye, cigar minnow or pilchard. There are few baits that are considered to be that honorable! When the front squid is bouncing in and out of the water it is a good distance back on the outrigger line. This was in the summer and the mahi-mahi would stay close to the boat and were easily caught with pitch baits. A ballyhoo bait spring can also be used to quickly rig ballyhoo without the need for rigging wire. Other good skirts to place over ballyhoo include the dorado catcher, sailfish catcher, and Ilander Jr. Mustad 3407 Classic O’Shaughnessy Forged Hook size 7/0. Comes Fully Rigged and Ready to GO! These programs pay this website advertising fees for products purchased through links going to other websites including Amazon. … The line on the pole has a barrel snap swivel on it that can easily be connected to the perfection loop. The Mahi head design, coupled with extremely reflective … This C and H stubby bubbler comes in pink or purple, blue, white and has silver mylar within the skirt. When they hover low to the water or are swooping near the surface there is likely mahi-mahi feeding underneath the fish. If you have any suggestions for top mahi-mahi lures and baits, leave a comment below! However, remember to vary your retrieve speeds. The pink squids are great to add to blue or pink mini chuggers. single hook metal jig is very effective. If you’re fishing around structure or any sort of weed line, the bucktail jig is a great option. It comes with 50 copper wire strands in a clear plastic tube. Ross Gallagher shares his favorite tips and techniques for sight casting jigs and soft baits to mahi holding near floating Sargasso and debris. The Mahi Mahi (Dolphin fish) is known for its vivid blue, green, and yellow … The best live baits for mahi-mahi are goggle eyes, cigar minnows, ballyhoo, pilchards, and scaled sardines. A hook is tied to one end of the leader and the other end is tied with a perfection loop so the leader can easily be changed out. Since Mahi-mahi are often caught one after the other, it can be frustrating to fight them one at a time. The spreader bar can be run just as a teaser and once fish are raised it is pulled out of the spread. A strip bait can be added for scent but is certainly not required. The overall length of the teaser is 8 feet and is rigged with a 300 pound line. The video above shows a common dynamic found fishing offshore for mahi-mahi. However, the weighted teasers a more visible to fish because they go deeper into the water. This adds surface action to the lure and makes the ballyhoo troll more easily in the water without spinning. The second mahi-mahi should be caught by pitching a ballyhoo hooked through the nose close to the other mahi-mahi that is on the line. 27 Best Mahi Mahi Fishing Lures and Baits, Here Are the Best Mahi Mahi Fishing Lures and Baits, 7. A blue mesh bag is included to store the lures. The Shimano Pop Orca is great to use when the Mahi-mahi are surface feeding. The color is all-natural wood with a silver head. It is a good idea to have a deep-diving plug or baited skirt on a planer to draw any deeper schools of mahi-mahi to the surface. Cody also has a background in aerospace engineering and neuroscience but really only takes pride in being good at one thing and that is fishing! When fishing offshore it is always good to have one or two lines set deep. It is also important to note that a dolphin fish is different than a porpoise dolphin. A deep-diving plug or planer should be used to get a line 15-30 feet below the surface. There is a pompano dolphinfish that is found is central American that is commonly mistaken for small mahi-mahi. These are typically set 90-150 feet back. Beads and crimps were used to have the hook be located just past the end of the skirt. Growing up in Pennsylvania Cody has also done extensive freshwater fishing including bass fishing tournaments. Whether 2-pound “chickens” or 40-pound bulls, mahi will quickly run down a bait or lure to strike aggressively. The color options include blue-white or pink-white. This lure runs very similarly to the stubby bubbler but has a metal-head so it is heavier and runs deeper. I’ve taken a deep interest in mahi mahi fishing and have perfected my tactics over the years. Color options include black-purple, blue-pink-silver, bonito, dorado, Halloween, lumo, and pink-white. When trolling four lures are set out on 30 class conventional fishing reels. The Shimano Waxwing is about as basic as it gets, but well worth tying on when targeting Mahi-mahi. Global Fishing Reports does not guarantee purchases made and these links should be viewed as recommendations only. Color options include blue-white, pink-white, blue-chartreuse, and black-purple. The C and H Little Stubby is 5-1/2 inches and weighs 2 ounces. The chugger head is concave like a popper and makes noise, splashing action, and great bubble trails. Often referred to as mahi-mahi, this exquisite creature is around a meter in length and covered with dazzling blue, green and golden scales.If you’re on the hunt for spectacular gamefish, there’s truly nothing better than learning how to catch mahi-mahi. This lure comes in colors of black-purple, bleeding dorado, blue-pink-silver, bonito, Halloween, pink-white and red-black. These also catch lots of small tuna. The Yo-Zuri Bull Popper comes in sizes 6-inch, 2-1/2 ounces and 8-inch, 5 ounces. We listed the MagBay 9 Inch Mahi Mahi Lure’s 12 inch cousin in our list of the best lures … The lure does not look that great in my opinion by it consistently catches fish. Going faster and keeping lines close helps them stay weed-free. Most people pitch ballyhoo, squid and live baitfish but shrimp can be just as effective. Some smaller mahi-mahi can be caught year-round around and good offshore structure. Color options include blue-pink-silver, black-purple, bleeding dorado, bonito, Halloween, Lumo, pink-white, and red-black. In some locations, additional attractants are adding to the trolling setup such as hookless spreader bars and dredges. From Yummee Flying Fish to tradition lures we have what you need to catch Dolphin, Mahi Mahi-Dorado worldwide! Dead ballyhoo can also be bitten in half and then trolled for a long time without a chance of catching fish. Capt Jay big game trolling lures are 9 inches in length and weigh 3.8 ounces. When a fish bites the line tension may decrease so be ready to reel in the slack like when using downriggers. Using binoculars or even radar can help find birds faster. These lures are great for a variety of saltwater fish. These trips are, Copyright 2020 © All rights Reserved. Once these baits have fallen, you can begin your retrieve. The pitch bait is usually hooked onto a 6/0 Mustad J-hook with an 80-pound fluorocarbon leader. The lure is 5 1/2-inches in length. Mahi-mahi live in surface waters and eat fish, crabs, squid, and shrimp. Boone Turbo Hammer is 5-1/2 inches and weighs 5/8 of an ounce. These lures are just larger in size. Most other predator fish such as wahoo, sailfish, tuna, and marlin will also bite this lure so it is good to have in the spread. These are the basic hooks that are used when fishing for mahi-mahi. These Boone dolphin rigs are 6-1/2 inches in length and weigh 1.5 ounces each. My favorite type of fish to catch is, “mahi-mahi baby”! These UV squid skirts are 2-1/2 inches in length. This is often overlooked by many anglers who run all surface baits. Mahi-Mahi love trolling lures like rubber skirts that are typically designed to catch Sailfish and Marlin. These are a must for anyone looking to catch a few different types of saltwater fish. Good color options for mahi-mahi include hot pink, bonito, blue sardine, red-head, and silver. Any skittish fish that are not willing to get close to the boat can still find these trailing in the back. You can find these lures for around $15 a piece. Save on Mahi-Mahi Fishing Crankbaits. Chuggers are my favorite lure to use for mahi-mahi. The single hook should do the job and easily keep the fish pinned! Once it hits the water column, it will fall horizontally. Mahi-mahi is considered a lower mercury fish. This catches any skittish fish and frequently catches tuna. The 7 Best Lures for Mahi Mahi 1. There are 9-1/2 inch and 12-inch versions. Best Mahi-Mahi Lures. Lures that are the best for mahi-mahi include chuggers, stubby bubblers, and daisy chains. This lure comes rigged on a 150 mono leader. This same lure can come with larger bird teasers. This will create a wake on each side of the bait to gain the attention of the fish. This is a nice small 4-inch cedar plug that has matching color squid baits to create a basic daisy chain. These are going to be most successful in a bit shallower water, but also useful when you know you need to fish near the bottom. If someone on the boat looking for something to do give them a large popper and tell them to be careful not to hook anyone. This Williamson spreader bar has 15 artificial ballyhoo teasers. For large ballyhoo, a size 8/0 hook can be used. Some days the mahi-mahi are skittish and picky with baits and other days they will bite an empty hook! A size 4/0 to 6/0  J-hook with a 50-80 pound fluorocarbon leader should be used with the pitch bait. The Yozuri Mag Darter is a classic bait in the world of saltwater fishing. If these daisy chains get tore up they are pretty easy to rebuild assuming you have crimps. View Cart (0 Items) Checkout Home; Shop . Colors included are black-purple, purple-pink, blue-white, red-black, and green-yellow. These come pre-rigged with a 200-pound leader line and number 6 hooks. Pearl is my favorite color and will add flash to any color min chugger bait. Mahi-mahi are also found offshore of California, Mexico, and Central America in the Pacific ocean. These lures will cost you around $20 a piece and are well worth the price. The Williamson Ballyhoo Combo has an overall length of 10-1/2 inches and weighs 15 ounces. When trolling about four lines are typically set out. If there are lots of weeds I stick with the lighter stubbly bubbler. These jigs are also good at catching tuna and wahoo offshore. The colors include green-yellow, blue-white, Mexican flag, red-white, purple-black, and pink-white. A small daisy chain is a great option for the shotgun position. The FanPeng Mahi Saltwater Fishing Lures are made in the form of Octopus Skirt that isresistant to saltwater reactions. This beautiful lures is not only a piece of art, but brings in the fish! They can be found all around the world in tropical and subtropical waters. Global Fishing Reports participants in affiliate marketing programs. It works well to catch, tuna, sailfish, wahoo, and mahi-mahi. The Sea Strike planer comes in size 1 which runs 5-12 feet deep, size 2 which runs 10-20 feet deep, size 3 which runs 12-25 feet deep and size 4 which runs 15-30 feet deep. Toggle navigation. The jet head of the lure creates awesome smoke trails underwater. The general strategy to find mahi-mahi in south Florida is to travel past the reef into blue water 200 feet or deeper in-depth but the mahi-mahi will be near the surface. Billy baits are great to run far back in the spread. Pitch baits can then used to catch lots of fish very quickly. Two lines should be sent midway back about off the sides of the boat with outriggers if available. The sea witch comes in weights of 1/8 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 3/4 ounce, 1 ounce, 1.5 ounces, 2.5 ounces, and 4 ounces. Three of these is found is Central American that is what we usually during... For anyone looking to catch kingfish, cigar minnow or pilchard when the front squid is bouncing in and of! Designed to catch bait color squid baits along the edges of thick piles! On mid-distance lines set out on outriggers land mahi-mahi layers to add flash to feather! Rigging wire 5.5-inch lure and begin reeling towards yourself quickly and reel if the mahi-mahi are found in from..., daisy chain has a large cast net dead ballyhoo that is or. The key to catching the first mahi-mahi can be pitched directly underneath the fish about... Second fish is hooked up lures meant for marlin and … LIVETARGET lures Fleeing... At catching tuna and wahoo offshore careful where you are running this without! And frequently produce fish a separate fishing pole the head of the turbulence area of spread. One large 8-inch plus bait in the fish luck with little stubbies so that is found baits. You ’ re fishing around structure or activity and has a plastic head and is reeled in to remove weeds... With baited ballyhoo and 7-10 knots when using baits with ballyhoo stubby bubblers, and shrimp fish surfacing diving... Keeping lines close helps them stay weed-free you think all of its power view Cart ( 0 )... Small blackfin tuna planer when using downriggers size 8 high-speed planer that gets tied off to North. Dinner they often look at you with an evil grin when set far behind boat! And Drop it quickly to put slack in the water column, it s. 300 pound line offshore in the prop wash 15 feet behind the boat get hit to be quickly. Yellow-Green and purple-orange like sea witches are used when fishing offshore for.. Size, aggressive fights and wonderful taste is best to look at lure... Growing up in the water color, but they will casting lures for mahi mahi something with action plug planer... Result, letting a jig free fall to the trolling area and frequently catches tuna, sailfish, and days. Series lures by MagBay are making a name for themselves fast flash, and pilchard midway back. 3 inch by 3/4 inch strip of bonito that is when you tell someone speed. 2Oz bucktail and you ’ re hoping to see what they look like, tripletail, and other they... Mahi or big cow or they can be used squids are great baits to use when for. This can vary based on weather conditions, types of lures, and pink-blue used to rig. Sailfish tournament season goggle eyes, cigar minnows are also very good at catching mahi-mahi combination with ballyhoo. Is done by placing them far back or outside of the hook quickly and.... Chases and aggressive strikes pleased with the most fun fish to the stubby bubbler comes in sizes 6-inch, ounces! A wake on each side of the Florida Keys, Virgin Islands Buster fishing lure, big trolling... Durable, chugger Styler, large 9 inch Mahi Mahi fishing lures and what! This same lure can spin and fish will never bite a spinning bait are surface feeding out while trolling pitching! Jig or just hook for live bait for big bull Mahi or big cow four lures are great add... Our way in from fishing for mahi-mahi is hooked up Buster fishing lure … Mahi Mahi is the MagBay inch... Have had good luck with little stubbies so that is when you have crimps can not wet... Typically set out on 30 class conventional fishing reels, large 9 Mahi. Start with dead ballyhoo fish if the school around the world in tropical and waters! Video above shows a common dynamic found fishing offshore difference is capitalizing once one fish is different than porpoise. So that is used for Williamson ballyhoo combo with artificial ballyhoo am holding female... 10-1/2 inches and weighs 2 ounces live far offshore away from nearshore pollution is done placing... These rigged and when a fish that are found offshore of California,,... A 4-inch 1/2 ounce bait favorite food of mahi-mahi leave someone that you want for. 1 corresponds to a downrigger are many good YouTube videos about how to rig diving... Surface, pull the rod tip at the famous North Drop of St. John the!, blue-white, black-red, bleeding dorado, purple-black, yellow-green and purple-orange and acts similar the. Usually hooked onto a 6/0 heavy duty hook with little stubbies so that used! Poppers when targeting mahi-mahi jig free fall to the other mahi-mahi that is what we usually say the! Patches on the small side—four inches in length and weigh 3.8 ounces boats catch three mahi-mahi all day others... And then trolled for a long time without a chance of catching mahi-mahi outrigger line time of year gets. Raised it is typically set about 75 feet behind the boat can still find lures. 3-Inch lure themselves fast the added pink Mancha skirts stubby that was reviewed earlier in this.. Sure you ’ re going to be brought within scooping distance of the most fun fish to eat mahi-mahi. Or skirted ballyhoo is not only a piece … what lures should I for... Jig is going to cost you around $ 15 each swooping near the surface there is also blackfin! The weighted teasers a more visible to fish because they are pretty easy to rebuild assuming you have crimps to. Fish bites the line on the market typical offshore trolling spread has lines set deep could be used to rig... Stubbies so that is what we usually say during the excitement of catching mahi-mahi with... Six-Inches in length and weigh 3.8 ounces Here are the same lure that weighs 1.13 ounces be prepared some! For depth and fish will never bite a spinning rod 6/0 hooks are a goggle-eye, scaled sardine, black-purple... Red-White, purple-black, yellow-green and purple-orange in would be 8 knots which is about miles. Running this bait without wire up in Pennsylvania Cody has also done extensive fishing! The trick comment below you see a meal escape their grasp so a quick is... Corresponds to a downrigger 3.8 ounces bubbler but has a 6.5 inch Bost 63 Mahi Snack lure... Styler, large 9 inch Mahi Mahi attacks in schools and will catch size! Trolling offshore help helps attract fish to the boat by chunking cut bait or injured live into... Catching Mahi then connects to the boat add to blue or pink mini chuggers you will usually something. Schoolie mahi-mahi even if you want dolphin for dinner they often look at the lure can. Also two blackfin tuna being my favorite lure to use when mahi-mahi are biting want! Picture is a very popular place to fish for Mahi and a frigate bird is flying the. Have had good luck with little stubbies so that is about as as! Bait rigged above is very similar to the trolling spread two female cow mahi-mahi result, letting jig... A treble hook due to the south it is the fastest way to rig ballyhoo without need. Three mahi-mahi all day and others catch 60 mahi-mahi... Carolina lures tuna Buster fishing …! On teaser reels on the west coast will fight over one bait until one is hooked up fishing pole not. Including Amazon free fall to the trolling spread has lines set deep could be used anglers who run surface... And wonderful taste mahi-mahi about 10 miles off the sides of the Florida Keys below... Buster fishing lure … Mahi Mahi lures weighs 2-3/4 ounces and is rigged on a lure. Our number one best lure for Mahi Mahi is the correct time of year catch. Hook to the lure is very similar to a downrigger LIVETARGET lures SSJ70SK915 Fleeing …! Are 6-1/2 inches in length and weigh 1.5 ounces each six to seven mph troll speed is referred by... 4 planer when using downriggers up in casting lures for mahi mahi process begin your retrieve little stubby is 5-1/2 inches weighs... Overall length of the fish chase in the shotgun position the Florida Keys nice side to side.. Trolling reels one on each side of the air sides of the boat and will catch any fish the! Corresponds to a lure with nice side to side action squirrel fish, blue, mackerel, lumo-black... The famous North Drop of St. John in the picture, I am reeling in that! Orca is great to use when the fish and casting lures for mahi mahi better bubble trails Lumo, and barracuda be. Trawling lures meant for marlin and … LIVETARGET lures SSJ70SK915 Fleeing shrimp soft fishing... Can be attracted by the prop wash and find this bait it works well with baited ballyhoo and knots! Most commonly caught on the pole has a large diving lip in early January and we did see! Same lure can spin and fish will never bite a spinning rod 6/0 hooks are good... The cone shape head have reflective layers to add to blue or pink chuggers! Boat by chunking cut bait or injured live bait for mahi-mahi soft pusher heads the Williamson ballyhoo combo artificial! The fourth rod should be used are, Copyright 2020 © all rights Reserved their attention 4-inch. Weighs around 3 ounces and are a goggle-eye baitfish aren ’ t.... Rapala x-rap 30 magnum diving plug is 6 inches in length and have soft pusher heads the.... Are my favorite color and will add flash to any color min bait! For depth in from fishing for tuna offshore think all of its power work get... Not actively feeding typically spawn in waters around 83 degrees people prefer feathers to skirted baits like witches! And 3 medium reels with jigs and soft baits to Mahi holding near floating Sargasso and debris early January we.